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darkma773r committed Jul 24, 2021
1 parent b9db536 commit 0b7b9b07a3f00783bdeac6a3eaac744bbcfe41eb
Showing 1 changed file with 46 additions and 2 deletions.
@@ -58,9 +58,53 @@ Apache Commons Geometry 1.0 contains the following library modules:
commons-geometry-core (requires Java 8+)
commons-geometry-euclidean (requires Java 8+)
commons-geometry-spherical (requires Java 8+)
commons-geometry-hull (requires Java 8+)
commons-geometry-enclosing (requires Java 8+)
commons-geometry-io-core (requires Java 8+)
commons-geometry-io-euclidean (requires Java 8+)
<action dev="mattjuntunen" type="update" issue="GEOMETRY-13">
Use Norms.EUCLIDEAN from Commons Numbers to compute 3D Euclidean norm values.
<action dev="mattjuntunen" type="update" issue="GEOMETRY-126">
Replace VectorXD.linearCombination methods with VectorXD.Sum classes. Use
Sum class from Commons Numbers for computing internal linear combinations.
<action dev="mattjuntunen" type="update" issue="GEOMETRY-124">
Replace DoublePrecisionContext with Precision.DoubleEquivalence from Commons Numbers.
<action dev="mattjuntunen" type="add" issue="GEOMETRY-118">
Add coordinate-specific transform methods to AffineTransformMatrixXD classes, e.g.
"applyX", "applyY", "applyZ".
<action dev="mattjuntunen" type="add" issue="GEOMETRY-95">
Add solid geometry tutorial.
<action dev="mattjuntunen" type="add" issue="GEOMETRY-120">
Add SimpleTriangleMeshBuilder.addFace(int[]) method as alternative to
addFace(int, int, int).
<action dev="mattjuntunen" type="add" issue="GEOMETRY-117" due-to="Christoph Läubrich">
Add shear methods to AffineTransformMatrix2D.
<action dev="mattjuntunen" type="add" issue="GEOMETRY-119">
Add VectorXD.normalizeOrNull() methods so that callers can detect normalization failures
without needing to catch an exception.
<action dev="mattjuntunen" type="add" issue="GEOMETRY-115">
Add modules for IO functionality: commons-geometry-io-core, commons-geometry-io-euclidean.
<action dev="mattjuntunen" type="fix" issue="GEOMETRY-116">
Fix incorrect OSGi headers. Reported by Christoph Läubrich.
<action dev="mattjuntunen" type="update" issue="GEOMETRY-109">
Rename the BoundarySourceXX.from() static factory methods to "of" to better match
the JDK's Stream.of() method.
<action dev="mattjuntunen" type="add" issue="GEOMETRY-108">
Add BoundaryList interface and implementation classes.
<action dev="mattjuntunen" type="update" issue="GEOMETRY-103" due-to="Arturo Bernal">
Migrate unit tests to JUnit 5.

<release version="1.0-beta1" date="2020-07-20" description="

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