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<menu name="User Guide">
<item name="Contents" href="/userguide/index.html#toc"/>
<item name="Overview" href="/userguide/index.html#overview"/>
<item name="Example Modules" href="/userguide/index.html#example-modules"/>
<item name="Concepts" href="/userguide/index.html#concepts"/>
<item name="Core Interfaces" href="/userguide/index.html#interfaces"/>
<item name="Euclidean Space" href="/userguide/index.html#euclidean"/>
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This tutorial gives a brief introduction to the
<a target="_blank" href="">BSP tree</a> data structure and its use in
<em>Commons Geometry.</em> All sample code in this tutorial can be found in the
<a class="code" href="../commons-geometry-examples/commons-geometry-examples-tutorials/apidocs/org/apache/commons/geometry/examples/tutorials/bsp/package-summary.html"
>org.apache.commons.geometry.examples.tutorials.bsp</a> package.
<em>Commons Geometry.</em> All code in this tutorial can be found in the
<a class="code" href="../commons-geometry-examples/commons-geometry-examples-tutorials/xref/org/apache/commons/geometry/examples/tutorials/bsp/package-summary.html"
>org.apache.commons.geometry.examples.tutorials.bsp</a> package, which is included in the library
<a href="">source distribution</a>.

@@ -59,8 +59,9 @@
These geometric figures can be combined in various ways to produce new figures. In this tutorial,
we will explore these features by constructing a 3D model of a teapot from scratch. The image
below shows the result of our efforts. The final code for this tutorial can be found in the
<a class="code" href="../commons-geometry-examples/commons-geometry-examples-tutorials/apidocs/org/apache/commons/geometry/examples/tutorials/teapot/TeapotBuilder.html">
TeapotBuilder</a> class.
<a class="code" href="../commons-geometry-examples/commons-geometry-examples-tutorials/xref/org/apache/commons/geometry/examples/tutorials/teapot/TeapotBuilder.html">
TeapotBuilder</a> class, which is included in the library
<a href="">source distribution</a>.

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<a href="#overview">Overview</a>
<a href="#example-modules">Example Modules</a>
<a href="#concepts">Concepts</a>
@@ -134,6 +137,17 @@

<section name="Example Modules" id="example-modules">
In addition to the modules above, the <em>Commons Geometry</em>
<a href="">source distribution</a> contains example
code demonstrating library functionality and/or providing useful development utilities. These modules are not
part of the public API of the library and no guarantees are made concerning backwards compatibility. The
<a href="../commons-geometry-examples/modules.html">example module parent page</a> contains a listing of the
available modules.

<section name="Concepts" id="concepts">
<subsection name="Floating Point Math" id="floating_point">

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