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<title>Status File for Jakarta Commons "Logging" Component</title>
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<h1>The Jakarta Commons <em>Logging</em> Component</h1>
$Id: STATUS.html,v 1.8 2002/09/25 22:06:19 rsitze Exp $<br />
<a href="#Introduction">[Introduction]</a>
<a href="#Dependencies">[Dependencies]</a>
<a href="#Release Info">[Release Info]</a>
<a href="#Committers">[Committers]</a>
<a href="#Action Items">[Action Items]</a>
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<a name="Introduction"></a>
<h3>1. INTRODUCTION</h3>
<p> The commons-logging package provides a simple, component
oriented interface (<code>org.apache.commons.logging.Log</code>) together with wrappers for
logging systems. The user can choose at runtime
which system they want to use.
In addition, a small number of basic implementations are provided
to allow users to use the package standalone.
<p>commons-logging was heavily influenced by Avalon's Logkit and Log4J. The commons-logging
abstraction is meant to minimixe the differences between the two, and to allow a
developer to not tie himself to a particular logging implementation.
The package does :
<li>Have an API which should be as simple to use as possible</li>
<li>Provide support for Avalon's Logkit</li>
<li>Provide support for JDK 1.4 logging</li>
<li>Provide support for log4j</li>
<li>Provide pluggable support for other logging APIs</li>
<li>Privide a simple System.out logger</li>
<li>This package will not perform logging itself, except at the most basic
<li>We do not seek to become a "standard" API.</li>
<a name="Dependencies"></a>
<h3>2. DEPENDENCIES</h3>
<p>The <em>Logging</em> component is dependent upon the following external
components for compilation:</p>
<li><a href="">Java Development Kit</a>
(Version 1.2 or later)</li>
<li><a href="">Jakarta Log4j</a>
<li><a href="">Jakarta Avalon
(optional) LogKit</a></li>
<li><a href="">Java Development Kit</a> (Version 1.4
or later) logging APIs (optional)</li>
<p> Of course, the user must ensure that any logging systems that they wish
to use are present in the classpath when they use this component. </p>
<a name="Release Info"></a>
<h3>3. RELEASE INFO</h3>
<p>Current Release: <strong>Unreleased, CVS Repository Only</strong></p>
<p>Planned Next Release: TBD</p>
<a name="Committers"></a>
<h3>4. COMMITTERS</h3>
<p>The following individuals are the primary developers and maintainers of this
component. Developers who plan to use <em>Logging</em> in their own
projects are encouraged to collaborate on the future development of this
component to ensure that it continues to meet a variety of needs.</p>
<li>Morgan Delagrange</li>
<li>Rodney Waldhoff</li>
<li>Craig McClanahan</li>
<li>Robert Burrell Donkin</li>
<li>Scott Sanders</li>
<li>Peter Donald</li>
<li>Costin Manolache</li>
<li>Richard A. Sitze</li>
<a name="Action Items"></a>
<h3>5. ACTION ITEMS</h3>
<p>TO DO List:</p>
<table border="1">
<th width="80%">Action Item</th>
<th width="20%">Volunteer</th>
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