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List all the sordid details of possible exceptions.
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garydgregory committed Jan 23, 2022
1 parent 55459c7 commit 57531bc3862eb0dd7d599446c4c14cf9fe542127
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@@ -1327,6 +1327,20 @@ public void setEvictionPolicy(final EvictionPolicy<T> evictionPolicy) {
* @param className Eviction policy class name.
* @param classLoader Load the class from this class loader.
* @throws LinkageError if the linkage fails
* @throws ExceptionInInitializerError if the initialization provoked by this method fails
* @throws ClassNotFoundException if the class cannot be located by the specified class loader
* @throws IllegalAccessException if this {@code Constructor} object is enforcing Java language access control and the underlying constructor is
* inaccessible.
* @throws IllegalArgumentException if the number of actual and formal parameters differ; if an unwrapping conversion for primitive arguments fails; or if,
* after possible unwrapping, a parameter value cannot be converted to the corresponding formal parameter type by a method invocation conversion; if
* this constructor pertains to an enum type.
* @throws InstantiationException if the class that declares the underlying constructor represents an abstract class.
* @throws InvocationTargetException if the underlying constructor throws an exception.
* @throws ExceptionInInitializerError if the initialization provoked by this method fails.
* @throws NoSuchMethodException if a matching method is not found.
* @throws SecurityException If a security manage is present and the caller's class loader is not the same as or an ancestor of the class loader for the
* current class and invocation of {@link SecurityManager#checkPackageAccess s.checkPackageAccess()} denies access to the package of this class.
private void setEvictionPolicy(final String className, final ClassLoader classLoader)

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