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Tidy old releases
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sebbASF committed Mar 16, 2022
1 parent c8812b5 commit 63f90a5d74020533de75f52246308536f7c477da
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@@ -29,8 +29,8 @@
<item name="Javadoc 2.x Archive" href=""/>
<item name="Javadoc 1.x Archive" href=""/>
<item name="Examples" href="/examples.html"/>
<item name="Downloads" href="/download_pool.cgi"/>
<item name="Wiki" href=""/>
<item name="Downloads" href="/downloads.html"/>
<item name="Wiki" href=""/>

<menu name="Development">
@@ -38,17 +38,6 @@
with a number of attributes changing name to clarify their
Version 1.6 adds generics based on the latest 1.5.x release, 1.5.7
at the present time. It requires Java 1.5.
Versions 1.3 through 1.5 depend at runtime only on a Java 1.3 or better JVM.
Version 1.2 depends at runtime on
<a href="">commons-collections</a>.

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