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Put VOTE.txt file in the target folder.
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garydgregory committed May 17, 2018
1 parent 80ba103 commit 68d28229b103a24f94ccac50fe610bea8fae027b
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@
<echo level="${level}" message="git.tag.commit : ${git.tag.commit}" />

<!-- Copy the vote-txt template filtering to replace properties. -->
<copy file="${commonsMojoTempDir}/vote-txt-template.txt" tofile="VOTE.txt" overwrite="true">
<copy file="${commonsMojoTempDir}/vote-txt-template.txt" tofile="target/VOTE.txt" overwrite="true">
<filter token="NAME" value="${}"/>
<filter token="ARTIFACTID" value="${project.artifactId}"/>

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