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chtompki committed Feb 15, 2018
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@@ -57,19 +57,22 @@ public class CommonsDistributionDetachmentMojo extends AbstractMojo {
imported to the Mojo by the existent maven variables or the declared <code>&lt;configuration&gt;</code>. For
example, we have a boolean variable named <code>dryRun</code> declared as:
@Parameter(property = "commons.release.dryRun", defaultValue = "false")
private Boolean dryRun;
that can be configured by

And, because we've set the <code>property here</code> (as in the 1.1 release), you can, on the command line,
use the following <code>-Dcommons.release.dryRun=true</code>.

@@ -82,7 +82,6 @@
@@ -126,14 +125,14 @@
running the following command:
mvn<yourApacheId> [-Duser.password=<yourApacheIdsPassword] [-DdryRun=true -Ptest-deploy] -Prelease clean test site deploy
mvn<yourApacheId> [-Duser.password=<yourApacheIdsPassword] [-Dcommons.release.dryRun=true -Ptest-deploy] -Prelease clean test site deploy
If the component is new, then, before running this maven command, you would want to create
the requisite subversion directory <code></code>. Notice,
that the way to perform a dry run of the release you need to include
<code>-DdryRun=true -Ptest-deploy</code>.
<code>-Dcommons.release.dryRun=true -Ptest-deploy</code>.

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