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~~ limitations under the License.

The Apache Commons RNG User Guide
The Apache Commons RNG User Guide

* Table of contents

* {{{a1._Purpose}Purpose of the library}}

* {{{a2._Usage_overview}Usage overview (for users)}}

* {{{a3._Library_layout}Library layout (for developers)}}

* {{{a4._Performance}Performance}}

* {{{a5._Quality}Quality}}

* {{{a6._Examples}Examples}}

* {{{a7._Release_compatibility}Release compatibility}}

* {{{a8._Dependencies}Dependencies}}

1. Purpose

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<menu name="User Guide">
<item name="Contents" href="/userguide/index.html"/>
<item name="Contents" href="/userguide/rng.html#Table_of_contents"/>
<item name="Usage" href="/userguide/rng.html#a2._Usage_overview"/>
<item name="Performance" href="/userguide/rng.html#a4._Performance"/>
<item name="Quality" href="/userguide/rng.html#a5._Quality"/>

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