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Release Notes for Cordova (Android)

3.4.0 (Feb 2014)

37 commits from 10 authors. Highlights include:

  • Security Fix for Android 4.2.1 and lower (disabling addJavascriptInterface as a bridge option)
  • CB-5793 Make ant work-around work on windows.
  • CB-5793 Don't clean before build and change output directory to ant-build to avoid conflicts with Eclipse.
  • CB-4910 Fix CLI's eclipse project template not working on windows due to "*" in the virtual folder name.
  • CB-5803 Fix cordova/emulate on windows.
  • CB-5801 exec->spawn in build to make sure compile errors are shown.
  • CB-5799 Update version of OkHTTP to 1.3
  • Remove package.json within bin/ since we never intend to ship bin/ as an npm module
  • CB-4910 Update CLI project template to point to config.xml at the root now that it's not in www/ by default.
  • Silence excessive logging from scroll events
  • CB-5504: Adding onDestroy to app plugin to deregister telephonyReceiver
  • CB-5715 Add Eclipse .project file to create template.
  • CB-5447 Removed android:debuggable=“true” from project template.
  • CB-5714 Fix of android build when too big output stops build with error due to buffer overflow.
  • Fix incorrect MIME type for .js files loaded through CordovaResourceAPI.
  • Remove 2 X console.log from exec.js
  • CB-5592 Set MIME type for openExternal when scheme is file:

3.3.0 (Dec 2013)

41 commits from 11 authors. Highlights include:

  • CB-5481 Fix for Cordova trying to get config.xml from the wrong namespace
  • CB-5487 Enable Remote Debugging when your Android app is debuggable.
  • CB-5445 Adding onScrollChanged and the ScrollEvent object
  • CB-5422 Don't require JAVA_HOME to be defined
  • CB-5490 Add javadoc target to ant script
  • CB-5471 Deprecated DroidGap class
  • CB-5255 Prefer Google API targets over android-## targets when building.
  • CB-5232 Change create script to use Cordova as a Library Project instead of a .jar
  • CB-5302 Massive movement to get tests working again
  • CB-4996 Fix paths with spaces while launching on emulator and device
  • CB-5209 Cannot build Android app if project path contains spaces

3.2.0 (Nov 2013)

27 commits from 7 authors. Highlights include:

  • CB-5193 Fix Android WebSQL sometime throwing SECURITY_ERR.
  • CB-5191 Deprecate
  • Updating shelljs to 0.2.6. Copy now preserves mode bits.
  • CB-4872 Added android version scripts (android_sdk_version, etc)
  • CB-5117 Output confirmation message if check_reqs passes.
  • CB-5080 Find resources in a way that works with aapt's --rename-manifest-package
  • CB-4527 Don't delete .bat files even when on non-windows platform
  • CB-4892 Fix create script only escaping the first space instead of all spaces.

3.1.0 (Sept 2013)

55 commits from 9 authors. Highlights include:

  • [CB-4817] Remove unused assets in project template.
  • Fail fast in create script if package name is not
  • [CB-4782] Convert -> appinfo.js
  • [CB-4766] Deprecated (moved into plugins)
  • [CB-4765] Deprecated (moved into plugins)
  • [CB-4764] Deprecated (moved into plugins)
  • [CB-4763] Deprecated (moved into plugins), Move getMimeType() into CordovaResourceApi.
  • [CB-4725] Add CordovaWebView.CORDOVA_VERSION constant
  • Incrementing version check for Android 4.3 API Level 18
  • [CB-3542] rewrote cli tooling scripts in node
  • Allow CordovaChromeClient subclasses access to CordovaInterface and CordovaWebView members
  • Refactor CordovaActivity.init so that subclasses can easily override factory methods for webview objects
  • [CB-4652] Allow default project template to be overridden on create
  • Tweak the online bridge to not send excess online events.
  • [CB-4495] Modify start-emulator script to exit immediately on a fatal emulator error.
  • Log WebView IOExceptions only when they are not 404s
  • Use a higher threshold for slow exec() warnings when debugger is attached.
  • Fix data URI decoding in CordovaResourceApi
  • [CB-3819] Made it easier to set SplashScreen delay.
  • [CB-4013] Fixed loadUrlTimeoutValue preference.
  • Upgrading project to Android 4.3
  • [CB-4198] bin/create script should be better at handling non-word characters in activity name. Patched windows script as well.
  • [CB-4198] bin/create should handle spaces in activity better.
  • [CB-4096] Implemented new unified whitelist for android
  • [CB-3384] Fix thread assertion when plugins remap URIs
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