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android-v10.0.0 Updated version and for release 10.0.0
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erisu committed Jul 17, 2021
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## Release Notes for Cordova (Android)

### 10.0.0 (Jul 17, 2021)


* [GH-1052]( feat!: only support `AndroidX`
* [GH-1137]( feat!: implement `WebViewAssetLoader`
* [GH-1268]( feat!: release build defaults to `aab` package type
* [GH-1182]( feat!: bump `target sdk@30` w/ `build-tool@30.0.3`
* [GH-1257]( feat!: upgrade `gradle@7.1.1`
* [GH-1197]( feat!: upgrade `gradle@6.8.3`
* [GH-1256]( feat!: upgrade `kotlin@1.5.20`
* [GH-1204]( feat!: upgrade `kotlin@1.4.32`
* [GH-1200]( feat!: upgrade `kotlin@1.4.31`
* [GH-1255]( feat!: upgrade `android-gradle-plugin@4.2.2`
* [GH-1232]( feat!: upgrade `android-gradle-plugin@4.2.1`
* [GH-1198]( feat!: upgrade `android-gradle-plugin@4.1.3`
* [GH-1199]( feat!: upgrade `Google Services Gradle Plugin@4.3.5`
* [GH-1262]( feat!: bump `appcompat@1.3.0`
* [GH-1258]( feat!: bump `android.webkit@1.4.0`
* [GH-1252]( feat!: drop abandoned `com.github.dcendents:android-maven-gradle-plugin`
* [GH-1212]( feat!: unify & fix gradle library/tooling overrides
* [GH-1138]( feat(allow-list)!: integrate and refactor core plugin
* [GH-1201]( feat!: upgrade jfrog `gradle-bintray-plugin@1.8.5`
* [GH-1279]( chore!: bump all dependencies
* [GH-1278]( chore!: drop `node` 10 support
* [GH-1205]( chore! (`npm`): update all dependencies
* [GH-1274]( cleanup!: remove deprecated settings & add todo comments
* [GH-1048]( cleanup!: remove `keystore` password prompt
* [GH-1251]( cleanup!: drop `jcenter` & update dependencies
* [GH-1269]( refactor!: do not copy JS lib to platform project
* [GH-1270]( refactor(Api)!: use version from `package.json`
* [GH-1266]( refactor(run)!: `run` method
* [GH-1083]( refactor!: drop support for `android` SDK tool
* [GH-1100]( refactor!: remove most platform binaries


* [GH-1241]( feat: remove `java` 1.8 version check
* [GH-1254]( feat: support `webkit` version override
* [GH-1229]( feat: `CORDOVA_JAVA_HOME` env variable
* [GH-1222]( feat: add backwards compatibility mode for `WebViewAssetLoader`
* [GH-1166]( feat: overload `PluginEntry` constructor to set onload property
* [GH-1208]( feat: allow `appcompat` version to be configurable
* [GH-1047]( feat: Deprecated `onRequestPermissionResult` in favour for `onRequestPermissionsResult` for consistency


* [GH-1283]( fix: add missing apache-license header to `getASPath.bat`
* [GH-1275]( fix: add `WebViewAssetloader` to default allow list
* [GH-1216]( fix: request focus after custom view hided
* [GH-1264]( fix: missing `super.onRequestPermissionsResult` error (`MissingSuperCall`)
* [GH-563]( fix(build): support tilde expansion on Windows
* [GH-1220]( fix(`requirements` check): use regex to get java version from javac output
* [GH-1227]( fix(prepare): delete splash screens if none are used
* [GH-1228]( fix: java checks
* [GH-1276]( fix: remove forced default `gradle.daemon` setting


* [GH-1265]( refactor: do not infer project root from script location
* [GH-1267]( refactor: use target SDK of built APK to determine best emulator
* [GH-1253]( refactor: `gradle` cleanup
* [GH-1260]( refactor(`check_reqs`): drop `originalError` param from `check_android_target`
* [GH-1246]( refactor(`env/java`): improve tests and implementation

**Chores & Cleanup:**

* [GH-1273]( chore: remove old `VERSION` file
* [GH-1272]( cleanup: delete old ANT & Eclipse files
* [GH-1141]( cleanup: remove app cache settings

**CI, Build & Testing:**

* [GH-1218]( ci: Add `Node16` to CI matrix
* [GH-1271]( build: build `cordova.js` during npm prepare
* [GH-1207]( test(`AndroidManifest`): update theme to `Theme.AppCompat.NoActionBar`
* [GH-1263]( test(`check_reqs`): do not hardcode `DEFAULT_TARGET_API`
* [GH-1259]( test(`prepare`): factor out common vars

### 9.1.0 (Apr 09, 2021)


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"name": "cordova-android",
"version": "10.0.0-dev",
"version": "10.0.0",
"description": "cordova-android release",
"main": "lib/Api.js",
"repository": "github:apache/cordova-android",

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