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Android Native Tests

These tests are designed to verify Android native features and other Android specific features.

Initial Setup

There really isn't any manual setup to do. The ant script takes care of that. You don't even need to compile cordova-x.y.z.jar or copy it, because has a library reference to ../framework. However, Robotium has to be installed for the onScrollChanged tests to work correctly. It can be found at

To run manually from command line:

  1. Build by entering ant debug install
  2. Run tests by clicking on "CordovaTest" icon on device

To run from Eclipse:

  1. Import Android project into Eclipse
  2. Ensure Project properties "Java Build Path" includes the lib/cordova-x.y.z.jar
  3. Create run configuration if not already created
  4. Run As -> Android JUnit Test

Automatic Runs

Once you have installed the test, you can launch and run the tests automatically with the below command:

adb shell am instrument -w org.apache.cordova.test/android.test.InstrumentationTestRunner
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