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Android Native Tests

These tests are designed to verify Android native features and other Android specific features.

Initial Setup

Setting env vars



Use the output to set your ANDROID_HOME and JAVA_HOME environment variables.

Adding gradlew

Copy it from a freshly created project:

../bin/create foo
(cd foo && cordova/build --gradle; cp -r gradlew gradle ..)
rm -r foo


To run manual tests:

./gradlew installDebug

To run unit tests:

./gradlew connectedAndroidTest

BUILD SUCCESSFUL means that the tests all passed :)

Android Studio

  1. Use "Import Project" and import the test directory.
  2. Right click on the org.apache.cordova.test package on the left-hand nav.
  3. Select Create Run Configuration -> Tests in ... (The one with the Android icon)
  4. Review options (mainly - target device)
  5. Click the bug icon in the top toolbar to run with debugger attached
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