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Repo for Apache Cordova Board Reports

Apache Cordova reports due each quarter: March, June, September, and December.

Reports are due at least one week before the Apache Board Meeting. Currently meetings are scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month. The relevant dates are highlighted below.

2020 Board calendar

- >>>>>>9 December 2020<<<<<<
- 11 November 2020
- 14 October 2020
- >>>>>>9 September 2020<<<<<<
- 12 August 2020
- 8 July 2020
- >>>>>>10 June 2020<<<<<<
- 13 May 2020
- 8 April 2020
- >>>>>>11 March 2020<<<<<<
- 12 February 2020
- 8 January 2020

Board Report Template

Current Cordova Committee List

Search for a Committer

Change the PMC Chair:

Use Whimsy, sign in, then press the "Add Item" button on the bottom toolbar. Select the new Incoming Chair PMC member in the dropdown list, then press the "Draft" button.

We want to add a developer as a committer, and consequently the PMC (our project rule). What does the PMC chair have to do?

File a new issue in the new_committer_and_pmc repo.

URL Shortener for Board Reports:

Generating/Calculating Stats for Board Reports:

Use the template here as a starter:

Posting Board Reports (PMC Chair)

  1. Go to
  2. Select Cordova
  3. On the bottom toolbar, select Post Report
  4. Paste in the report (Markdown format)
  5. Select Submit
  6. Select Send Email button at the end of the report

In case Whimsy does not work, the manual method:

  1. Email "board (at) apache (dot) org". Use subject: "[REPORT] Apache Cordova (MONTH YEAR)".
  2. Update the appropriate Board Agenda text file at

Github Issues Stats

See Jan's Github Issues Stats [source]

Resignation of a PMC Member (PMC Chair)

See for steps.

Apache Cordova Mailing List Browser (NEW)

Apache Mailing Lists



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