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[CB-4880] release notes for 3.1.0
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## Release Notes for Cordova BlackBerry ##

### 3.1.0 ###

[CB-4268] Rework util functions to support getting list of connected devices / emulators
[CB-4268] Add support for --device and --emulator to run script
[CB-4292] Update plugman to 0.9.10
[CB-4342] Detect USB connected device
[CB-4065] Remove lib files after frameworkModules.js is generated
[CB-4734] Fixed issue where plugins are not added to frameworkModules
[CB-4423] Warn when special characters are used in create script
[CB-4344] Auto-detect started simulator
[CB-4272] Improve error messages related to debug tokens and signing
[CB-4292] Remove remaining plugins
[CB-4481] Removing permissions from template since not all apps should need them
[CB-4259] Removing plugman and cordova/plugin script
[CB-4634] Updating the default app to match cordova-app-hello-world
[CB-4544] Adds a --query flag to query the user for their password when we need it - Rewrite the run script for maintenance
[BlackBerry10] Fixing a bug with debugtoken generation without prompt
Updating scripts to make init calls surrounded in quotes
[BlackBerry10] Updated init to work on Windows 7 with long paths with spaces
[CB-4730] [BlackBerry10] Updating init calls to work on Win 7 64 with long paths.
[CB-4785] Fixing --no-build flag for run command
[CB-4732] Re-writing build script to use async
Syncing hello-world-app for 3.1 release
[CB-4076] Added support for the origin attribute in config.xml
[CB-4076] Modified config-parser to default to the uri attribute
[CB-4563] Migrated parameters to preferences
[CB-4812] Support for "default" value in the orientation preference
[CB-3798] Provide support for optional localized node/npm/bb-tools
Plugman version bump to 0.10.0
[CB3439] Introduces --web-inspector flag to enable webinspector for signed builds
[CB-3798] Fixed CORDOVA_BBTOOLS env variable with spaces in path
[CB-3798] Refactored all exec calls to use newly created utility exec function to avoid path with spaces errors
corrected playbook create tool usage
[CB-4346] changed utils genbarname function to return string as per ticket description, updated section on create command
CB-4875 updated readme with info on accessing last supported versions of BBOS and Playbook
CB-4876 removal of playbook implementation

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