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Cordova-cli changelog


Important note: This version targets Cordova version 3.1.0-rc1.


  • You can now cordova platform update <platform>, which calls the platform's update script. Android, iOS, WP7 and WP8 have update scripts. Please give this a try and report any problems!


  • platform ls now shows the version of each installed platform.
  • merges are now supported on WP7+8.
  • serve now serves from, /android/www, etc., serving all platforms at once.
  • Speed significantly improved by importing modules only on demand. prepare is much faster, platform ls more than 10x faster.
  • Now with Firefox OS!


  • Corner cases in serve.



  • platform ls now shows both installed and available-to-install platforms. CB-3904


  • Plugins are now installed serially across all installed platforms, rather than in parallel. This avoids race conditions in dependency installation. CB-4184
  • (WP8) All files from project www dir are now copied into the binary, not the top-level www. This means merges and plugin assets are correctly handled.
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