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# Code Reviews

TODO: Review Board didn't really work out :(. Come up with something better.
We use GitHub pull requests for code reviews.
1. Commit to a branch on your own fork of the repo that you're changing
2. Use GitHub to create a pull request
3. Email out the link to it

* Use to create a review request.
* You will need a Review Board userid and password. One can be requested from the site.
* By default, the ML will be notified of your review request.
* If you have someone in particular that you would like approval from, be sure to add them in "People" field of the review.
* To create your review request is to use [post-review]( (RBTools) from the repo with the change, only if the repo contains the file '.reviewboardrc'
Currently the following repos contain .reviewboardrc:

* If you don't want to use post-review tool, then on the web site:
* Click "New Review Request"
* On your workstation do a git diff and pipe the output to a file. In the new request, select the git repo, the base dir where you did the diff, upload the diff file you created, and click Create.
* On the next web page, fill in the description text, the name of the Branch (i.e., "master"), the Bug (i.e., "CB-4960"), the Description and the Testing Done fields. If you want a review from a specific person, enter their userid / name in the People field. If you want input from the whole community, enter "cordova" in the Groups field. Click the Submit button.
* After you have received sufficient feedback, click the button to mark your review as Discarded or Submitted [to a stream].
* If you don't want to use ReviewBoard you can use Github Pull Request

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