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csantanapr committed Oct 2, 2015
1 parent c50f302 commit 30f1df997d965af7d7a21a79c05715bc54ac7f3f
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@@ -38,8 +38,9 @@ Topic | I wan to attend
- Cordova Security Process and Procedures - (Discussion on timelines, mostly for PMC/Committers) | Joe, Carlos
- Cordova Workflow for Contributors (How do I debug a platform issue?) | Joe, Carlos
- How are you using Cordova in your product (short demos) | Carlos
- 3rd Party node modules checked into Cordova git (legal, screaning, maintaining) | Carlos
- Get cordova-ios@4 out, or work on cordova-ios@5 | Carlos
- Cocoapods as dependencies in plugin.xml same way as gradle | Carlos
- 2 Modes, Production vs. Dev to support ES6, Typescript, www-dist | Carlos
- A new inAPpBrowser for iOS based on SafariViewController | Carlos
- TACO Kits, How to have a slower and safer adoption on upgrades | Carlos

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