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Proposal for new feature process
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Steve Gill committed Apr 24, 2015
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# cordova-discuss
Discussions on features and the future

For new proposals and ideas, look at in the `proposals` folder.
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All new proposals go in this folder.

# Suggested Process

1. Create an issue with the description of the feature should be discussed.
2. Others can discuss about the proposal with issue comments
3. Once there is a rough consensus, create a new file in this folder with the proposal details.
4. Others can send pull requests to improve the proposals. Improvements to the proposal can be discussed in the comments of the pull request.
5. Note that if the pull request is changed, commenting on some lines may become outdated. `TODO - How to solve this ? `
6. Pull requests are accepted, and anyone who just wants to read the proposal without being bothered by the discussions just reads the document.

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