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added platform-specific topics and per-platform ids topic
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tony-- committed Oct 14, 2015
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@@ -80,6 +80,7 @@ What is needed to allow customizing native (Xcode/Gradle/...) projects when usin
Is the distinction between the CLI vs. platform-centered workflow still valid? |
Supporting multiple web views (e.g. for native navigation + web content scenarios) |
Can we share tools or plugins with React Native? |
Allow per-platform ids? |

### CI & Testing
@@ -112,3 +113,10 @@ Cordova Desktop Browser - Electron JS + Emulation/Ripple | Carlos
- How can we make platform installation easier?
- Improve requirements checking and error messages
- Install SDKs with one command (TACO)
- Platform-specific topics
-(windows) why is windows icon list so limited? should it be possible to specify more?
-(windows) Any options for HTML5 debugging for Windows 10 devices?
-(windows) security related to windows preview apps - how to allow dyanmic content to access plugin APIs?
-(web-os) web-os setup broken, document and discuss)
-(iOS) wkwebview - recap of current approach, is it iOS 9 only?
-(android) annoyance/issue - appending of architecture digit problem?

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