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Telemetry Proposal: --no-telemetry flag to disable telemetry for spec…
…ific commands
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omefire committed May 9, 2016
1 parent b5b3cb3 commit 5203ff6d5a168b615629422f4ccc693c24f92686
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@@ -46,6 +46,11 @@ Users shall be shown a timed prompt (with a link to a privacy notice) the first
If the prompt times out with the user having not provided any answer,
it will be assumed they do not agree to telemetry being collected.

### No Telemetry Flag
Users might opt out of telemetry on a command basis by using the ```--no-telemetry``` flag.
That way, they have the ability to enable telemetry and yet still disable it for specific commands as they see fit.
e.g: ```cordova run ios --no-telemetry```

### Continuous Integration environments
In CI environments, there will be a way to disable the telemetry prompt on first usage by setting an environment variable.
In case the environment variable is not set, the command invoked will wait for a few seconds, then proceed. This should ensure existing tools that make use of

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