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Merge pull request #63 from audreyso/CB-11982proposal
CB-11982 proposal for creating a new cordova config command
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# Create New Cordova Config Command Proposal
Status : Proposed

## Current
Currently, telemetry and update-notifier use under the hood. Stores configs in ~/.config/configstore/

Sample code

const Configstore = require('configstore');
const pkg = require('./package.json');

// create a Configstore instance with an unique ID e.g.
// package name and optionally some default values
const conf = new Configstore(, {foo: 'bar'});

//=> 'bar'

conf.set('awesome', true);
//=> true

// use dot-notation to access nested properties
conf.set('bar.baz', true);
//=> {baz: true}

//=> undefined

## Proposal
Create a new cordova config command modeled after npm config command. It will include a global config to turn autosave off for cordova.

### Future Goals ?
Any other suggestions on what else you would like to see in the global config?

### Links

### Motivation
This new command provides the ability to store environment variables (similarly to browserify, fetch, and save).

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