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updates to initial firefox implementation
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# build script for Apache Cordova Firefox OS

XPCSHELL ?= ~/Documents/mozilla/mozilla-central/obj-x86_64-apple-darwin11.4.2/dist/bin/xpcshell
ADB ?= adb
FOLDER = framework

all :: packaged install

cp lib/cordova.webos.js framework/cordova-$(PGVERSION).js

cd ./${FOLDER} && zip -X ./ ./* -x

packaged: package
${ADB} push ./${FOLDER}/ /data/local/tmp/b2g/${FOLDER}/

${ADB} forward tcp:$(PORT_LOCAL) tcp:$(PORT_DEVICE)
@echo "Please confirm the remote debugging prompt on the phone!"
${XPCSHELL} build/install.js ${FOLDER} $(PORT_LOCAL)
@@ -1,13 +1,6 @@
Cordova FirefoxOS (Boot 2 Gecko)

Directory Structure

framework/ ... Any framework (non app specific code)
javascript/ .. Cordova JavaScript (built from the cordova-js project)
bin/ ......... Scripts for project creation


@@ -16,57 +9,38 @@ Firefox OS is an open source operating system for smartphones and tablet compute
cordova-firefoxos allows developers to use the cross platform APIs in Cordova to target the Firefox OS. Most APIs are just proxied to the matching Firefox OS API calls.

Getting Started

A lot of good documentation is available on the [Mozilla Developer Network](

A simulator (runs as a Firefox plugin) is availble [here](

Installing the cordova-firefoxos framework

Cloning the cordova-firefoxos repository always provides you with the latest (EDGE) version of the Cordova code. To clone the repository, do the following:

$ cd ~/some/path
$ git clone

Cordova Firefox OS Developer Tools

The Cordova developer tooling is split between general tooling and project level tooling. Currently the tooling will only work on OSX or Linux.

### General Commands

./bin/create [path appname] ...... creates a sample app with the specified path

#### Running the Example Project

Create the example project and build it to the first device:

cd example

This will start up a web server on port 8008 and ask you to navigate your
phone or simulator to http://localhost:8008/install.html. This is really only
needed to install like you would from an app store.
The following software is required to package and deploy an app directly to a Firefox OS device:
-[Android SDK](
-on Mac you will need to install XCode & Command Line Tools for XCode
-Firefox OS device with OS Version prerelease

You may also use the simluator and Add the www directory to it (point at the manifest.webapp) in that folder. This will
allow you to refresh the app easier when developing.
Getting Started:

#### Creating a new Cordova Firefox OS Project
1. Bootstrap your computer so to make sure that you have all the prerequisites for building Firefox
- instructions can be found under the "Build prerequisites" section on the following [page](
2. Clone the Firefox repository: git clone git://
3. Build Firefox by following the instructions under the "Building" on the following [page](
4. Clone the cordova-firefoxos repository

./bin/create ~/Desktop/myapp MyApp
If Deploying to device:

### Project Commands
5. Modify the XPCSHELL constant in the Makefile to point to the location of xpcshell on your computer
6. Modify the ADB constant in the Makefile to point to the location of adb on your computer
7. Make sure the Firefox OS device has remote debugging enabled. To enable remote debugging navigate to the following settings on the device: Settings->Device Information->More Information->Developer->Remote Debugging.
8. Run the Makefile by typing "make" into the command line.
9. The device should prompt you to allow a remote connection, your Apache Cordova Firefox OS app will be installed to the device once you accept the prompt.

These commands live in a generated Cordova FirefoxOS project.
If Deploying to simulator:

./cordova/run ............................ install to a connected device or simulator
./cordova/build .......................... build project, but do not deploy to simulator or device
7. Open the Firefox OS simulator add-on by going to Tools->Web Developer->Firefox OS Simulator
8. Start the simulator
9. Click on the Add Directory button and then choose the manifest.webapp file in the framework folder of your Apache Cordova app.

There is currently no way to automate installing to the simulator or device so
we are currently just hosting an install.html file on the webserver hosting the app
that you can point your device/simulator to and install the app. Once more commandline
tools become available this will probably change.

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