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Commits on May 22, 2012
  1. @pmuellr

    [CB-348] console object improvements

    pmuellr authored
    added the following files as a new implementation of
    console on top of the logger API.  Currently, no one
    is using them; will switch iOS to use this as soon
    as cordova-js and cordova-ios are synchronized.
       - lib/common/plugin/console-via-logger.js
       - test/test.console-via-logger.js
    fixes to the following:
       - Jakefile
         add additional warnings to skip (new one for console redefinition)
       - lib/common/plugin/logger.js
         changed the protocol for logger/console "using" checks
       - test/runner.js
         modified test matcher to accept hyphens in test file names
  2. @pmuellr
Commits on Mar 22, 2012
  1. @pmuellr

    [CB-280] Improve layout of cordova-js scripts

    pmuellr authored
    This was basically a refactoring of the lib subdirectories,
    without changing any of the code IN the lib subdirectories.
    Other changes:
    - build/packager.js
    modified to build based on the new lib subdirectories
    - Jakefile
    modified to call a new method in build/packager
    updated file/directory locations
    - test/runner.js
    changed the runner to run off a new 'test' platform,
    instead of using an on-the-fly platform it pieced
    together when the tests run.
    also changed the static() URL bits for the
    browser-based test - it was pulling in more
    than it needed
    - test/suite.html
    changed the urls of the jasmine files, based
    on the updates to the static() URL bits in the
    - lib/common/exec.js
    - lib/common/platform.js
    stub files that will be replaced with platform-specific
Commits on Mar 15, 2012
  1. @pmuellr

    CB-314 - create errgen platform

    pmuellr authored
    This is a work-in-progress, only a couple of tests and overrides
    have been implemented.  Decent start.
    Some drive-by enhancements:
    - Added a .wr file - see:
    - Moved the require()'s in the Jakefile to the top
    - Added a new Jakefile subtask to ensure we're in the right
      directory before running.  Things broke if you weren't in
      the base directory
    - Added a new 'dalek' task for Dalek lovers everywhere
    - Now that there's a separate 'dalek' task, it's function
      can be removed from the 'build' task
    - Made the build use the correct Apache license source header
      stuff ala
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