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# Cordova Laboratory
# Cordova Labs

> Caution: Safety Goggles are Recommended!
@@ -19,4 +19,24 @@ to this practice:
- Each project has an isolate git history, which allows for easy migration to
a new git repository;
- Working directory is not polluted with the files of other projects.
- Projects will not step on each others toes.
- Projects will not step on each others toes.

## Migrating Repositories

One day, you labs project may grow up and need it's own repository.
You can easily move all of your Git history to your new repository with the
following steps:

# cd to labs and checkout your project's branch
git checkout my-branch

# add your new repository as a remote
git add remote my-remote <url>

# currently, my-remote should be empty (no commits)

# push my-branch to my-remote's master branch
git push my-remote my-branch:master

# now clone your new project (my-remote)
git clone <url>

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