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GH-10 Updated version and for release 9.0.0
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erisu committed Mar 15, 2019
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# Cordova-lib Release Notes

### 9.0.0 (Mar 15, 2019)

* [GH-750]( Remove saving platforms/plugins to `config.xml`
* [GH-751]( Pass project `config.xml` path to platform's prepare
* [GH-749]( Cordova Lib Release Preparation (Cordova 9)
* Remove unused property `apiCompatibleSince` from `platformsConfig.json`
* Fix plugin dependency tests when using `npm >= 5`
* Bumped Platform Pinning and Support Minor SemVer
* `cordova-android@^8.0.0`
* `cordova-browser@^6.0.0`
* `cordova-electron@^1.0.0`
* `cordova-ios@^5.0.0`
* `cordova-osx@^5.0.0`
* `cordova-windows@^7.0.0`
* Bumped dependencies
* `jasmine@^3.3.1`
* `globby@^9.1.0`
* `underscore@^1.9.1`
* `semver@^5.6.0`
* `read-chunk@^3.1.0`
* `init-package-json@^1.10.3`
* `fs-extra@^7.0.1`
* Dev Dependencies
* Updated `nyc` Code Coverage
* Updated ESlint with lint corrections
* Added missing module `shelljs` to fix test failures
* Updated Package Cordova Dependencies
* `cordova-common@^3.1.0`
* `cordova-create@^2.0.0`
* `cordova-fetch@^2.0.0`
* `cordova-serve@^3.0.0`
* [GH-748]( Remove handling of legacy `.fetch.json` files
* [GH-709]( `hooks/Context` Improvements
* [GH-622]( [CB-14166]( (cli) Fixed issue when install plugins on **Windows**
* [GH-744]( Add **Electron** Platform
* [GH-743]( Updated Platform Config Git URL Paths
* [GH-742]( Cleanup indentation spacing in `*/jasmine.json`
* [GH-741]( Fix crash in `cordova requirements` due to an unbound function
* [GH-711]( Fix 2 integration tests failures on **macOS**
* [GH-710]( Drop `Q` Dependency and Use Native Promises
* [GH-687]( Test, Fix and Cleanup `cordova serve`
* [GH-707]( Deprecate `requireCordovaModule` for non-Cordova modules
* [GH-705]( Dereference possible symlinks when copying plugin
* [GH-699]( Increase timeout for `cordova.platform` e2e tests
* [GH-698]( Increase plugman install test timeout
* [GH-686]( Remove support for old option format
* [GH-685]( Remove unused dependency `properties-parser`
* [GH-677]( Fix `cordova/platform/addHelper` tests
* [GH-679]( `platform.spec` Cleanup
* [GH-684]( Code Cleanup and Refactor (Bits and pieces)
* [GH-683]( Remove unused npm utility functions
* [GH-682]( GH-676 Remove Browserify
* [GH-652]( Make `plugin.remove` more easily understandable
* [GH-650]( Make `cordova/platform/check` more approachable
* [GH-678]( Fix tests that are failing with npm config 'save-exact' set
* [GH-675]( One root `describe` per suite
* [GH-674]( `plugman/install.spec` Cleanup
* [GH-672]( `plugman_uninstall.spec` Cleanup
* [GH-613]( Switch to using `fs-extra` in favour of `shelljs`
* [GH-665]( Radically focused `restore.spec` finally fast and reliable
* [GH-671]( Remove `cordova plugin search` command
* [GH-670]( Various `spec` fixes and cleanup
* [GH-666]( Remove deprecated and unused content
* [GH-669]( Linting Improvements
* [GH-668]( Only upload coverage when tests succeed
* [GH-667]( Report Code Coverage to `codecov` on Travis CI
* [GH-664]( Move some cordova test fixtures into fixtures folder
* [GH-651]( Remove all usage of Q-specific methods on Promise instances
* [GH-662]( Remove unused content
* [GH-663]( Update `read-chunk` to properly close file descriptors on failure
* [GH-658]( Remove deprecated platform support files
* [GH-616]( Extend and improve `cordova info` output

### 8.0.0 (Dec 14, 2017)
* [CB-13057]( removed `cordova save` command
* [CB-13056]( removed support for **WebOS**, **BlackBerry10**, and **Ubuntu**
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
"name": "cordova-lib",
"license": "Apache-2.0",
"description": "Apache Cordova tools core lib and API",
"version": "9.0.0-dev",
"version": "9.0.0",
"repository": {
"type": "git",
"url": ""

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