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Updated & version for release 10.0.0 (lib-10.0.0)
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erisu committed Jul 22, 2020
1 parent dd273bf commit 9fd7354b6749ea0b6bec0e334331aa1a90b77fa4
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# Cordova-lib Release Notes

### 10.0.0 (Jul 22, 2020)

* [GH-846]( breaking: remove `cordova info` logic from `lib`
* [GH-849]( breaking: bump dependencies
* [GH-847]( chore: update dev dependencies
* [GH-848]( chore: bump `cordova-eslint` w/ automatic fixes
* [GH-843]( test(`fixture-helper`): install **Android** platform by name again
* [GH-844]( fix: remove unused dependency on `cordova-create`
* [GH-841]( chore: add `package-lock.json`
* [GH-840]( chore: use short notation in `package.json`
* [GH-839]( chore: stop testing with nightly
* [GH-838]( chore: update **Android** platform pinning to 9.0.0
* [GH-837]( chore: update **OSX** platform pinning to 6.0.0
* [GH-836]( chore: update **iOS** platform pinning to 6.1.0
* [GH-835]( GH-832: Look at devDeps for restoring platforms
* [GH-833]( breaking: upgrade cordova dependencies for next major
* [GH-831]( test: use `expectAsync` for rejections
* [GH-825]( test(e2e): improve `HooksRunner.spec`
* [GH-828]( chore: consolidate eslint configs
* [GH-803]( test: move `cordova/platform/{platform => addHelper}`
* [GH-827]( fix: plugin installation from `git` url w/ `semver`
* [GH-826]( test: use `fs.copySync` for increased performance
* [GH-823]( test(e2e): re-enable HooksRunner#12 and move it to plugin#14
* [GH-824]( style: fix linting violations
* [GH-821]( feat: proper support for scoped plugins
* [GH-822]( refactor: `eslint` setup
* [GH-820]( refactor: remove stub interface to `cordova-create`
* [GH-819]( refactor: use `execa`'s cross-platform shebang support in `HooksRunner`
* [GH-812]( chore: replace `superspawn` with `execa`
* [GH-781]( chore: remove `plugin save`
* [GH-780]( chore: deprecate `plugin save` command
* [GH-818]( Extend and improve plugin tests in preparation of supporting scoped plugins
* [GH-810]( chore: bump production dependencies
* [GH-816]( Simplify `jasmine` configuration
* [GH-817]( Remove dead code in `integration-tests/plugin.spec`
* [GH-815]( Do not spawn child process to get platform version
* [GH-813]( `plugman_fetch.spec` cleanup
* [GH-814]( Remove obsolete and duplicate ignore entries
* [GH-809]( chore: improve npm ignore list
* [GH-811]( chore: update `jasmine` dependencies
* [GH-808]( Remove unused module plugman/platforms/common
* [GH-807]( Break dependency cycles
* [GH-804]( Fix `cordova/emulate.spec`
* [GH-806]( Remove unused exports from `cordova/util`
* [GH-805]( Remove support for obsolete `<project>/.cordova/config.json`
* [GH-802]( Minor code cleanup
* [GH-797]( Do not run legacy hooks from dirs anymore
* [GH-800]( Remove `platform.check`
* [GH-765]( Remove code to handle plugins that were added by cordova@<5.4.0
* [GH-766]( Remove parts of plugman that have been moved to the plugman repo
* [GH-772]( Replace underscore with modern JS
* [GH-799]( chore: drop node 6 and 8 support
* [GH-798]( chore: bump version to 10.0.0-dev
* [GH-770]( Use up-to-date fixtures in tests
* [GH-796]( HooksRunner code & spec cleanup
* [GH-791]( fix: error message during plugin installation w/ missing engine
* [GH-777]( chore: add Node.js 12 to CI services
* [GH-786]( Quick workaround for e2e failure on AppVeyor CI
* [GH-783]( `nyc@14` update in devDependencies
* [GH-775]( chore: cleanup `plugman.createPackageJson`
* [GH-767]( Simpler and better `cordova/util.getPlatformApiFunction`
* [GH-774]( Make `src/plugman/init-defaults.js` lintable
* [GH-773]( Have `plugman.createPackageJson` create file in plugin dir, not in cwd
* [GH-771]( Prevent masking of errors during testing
* [GH-768]( Proper async code in `src/plugman/createpackagejson.js`
* [GH-764]( chore: expressive `pkgJson.spec`
* [GH-763]( Remove unnecessary spy
* [GH-762]( Remove unused fixtures
* [GH-761]( chore: various test improvements
* Fix some test descriptions in `cordova/util.spec`
* Stop `cordova/util.spec` from messing with the user's home directory!
* Proper temp folder usage in `cordova/util.spec`
* Remove outdated test from `cordova/util.spec`
* Remove `rewire`/`revert` anti-pattern
* Remove `superspawn` faking from `HooksRunner.spec`
* [GH-760]( Minor cleanup of CI configs

### 9.0.1 (Mar 31, 2019)
* [GH-759]( Fix faulty Promise handling in plugman.uninstall
* [GH-752]( Fix restoring plugins from `package.json`

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@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
"name": "cordova-lib",
"license": "Apache-2.0",
"description": "Apache Cordova tools core lib and API",
"version": "10.0.0-dev",
"version": "10.0.0",
"repository": "github:apache/cordova-lib",
"bugs": "",
"main": "cordova-lib.js",

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