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## Mobile Spec Suite ##

These specs are designed to run inside the mobile device that implements it - _it will fail in the DESKTOP browser_.
This project is a set of automated & manual tests that test Cordova core functionality.

These set of tests is designed to be used with Cordova. You should initialize a fresh Cordova repository for a target platform and then toss these files into the www folder, replacing the

Make sure you include cordova.js in the www folder (see the code in cordova-incl.js for clarification).

This is done so that you don't have to modify every HTML file when you want to test a new version of Cordova.

The goal is to test mobile device functionality inside a mobile browser.
Where possible, the Cordova API lines up with HTML 5 spec. Maybe down
the road we could use this spec for parts of HTML 5, too :)

### Requirements ###

Various parts of this test suite communicate with external servers.
Therefore, when you wrap up the test suite inside a Cordova application,
make sure you add the following entries to the whitelist!

- (with all subdomains)
- httpssss:// (bad protocol necessary)
To set up the project, refer to the steps within ``.

### Performance ###

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