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brycecurtis committed Jul 13, 2011
1 parent 1944b85 commit 2371e2406b4e310088e580e1d6ab22258f1d6a5d
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@@ -108,14 +108,6 @@
deviceReady = true;
console.log("Device="+device.platform+" "+device.version);
}, false);
dijit.byId("switch1").onStateChanged = function(s) {
if (s == "off") {
else {
window.setTimeout(function() {
if (!deviceReady) {
alert("Error: PhoneGap did not initialize. Demo will not run correctly.");
@@ -10,8 +10,7 @@

<body onload="init();" id="stage" class="theme">
<h1>Welcome to PhoneGap!</h1>
<h2>this file is located at assets/www/index.html</h2>
<h1>PhoneGap Tests</h1>
<div id="info">
<h4>Platform: <span id="platform"> &nbsp;</span></h4>
<h4>Version: <span id="version">&nbsp;</span></h4>
@@ -22,5 +21,15 @@ <h4>Width: <span id="width"> &nbsp;</span>, Height: <span id="height">&nbsp;
<a href="autotest/index.html" class="btn large">Automatic Test</a>
<a href="accelerometer/index.html" class="btn large">Accelerometer</a>
<a href="audio/index.html" class="btn large">Audio Play/Record</a>
<a href="camera/index.html" class="btn large">Camera</a>
<a href="compass/index.html" class="btn large">Compass</a>
<a href="contacts/index.html" class="btn large">Contacts</a>
<a href="events/index.html" class="btn large">Events</a>
<a href="location/index.html" class="btn large">Location</a>
<a href="misc/index.html" class="btn large">Misc Content</a>
<a href="notification/index.html" class="btn large">Notification</a>
<a href="sql/index.html" class="btn large">Web SQL</a>
<a href="storage/index.html" class="btn large">Local Storage</a>

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