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CB-10419 cordova-plugin-file 4.0.0 error with browserify workflow
github close #157
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sgrebnov committed Jan 26, 2016
1 parent 563dcaf commit 79956e4c3c8a90abe3bfa237ce59dd6d1e482311
Showing 5 changed files with 1,034 additions and 1,027 deletions.
@@ -102,6 +102,12 @@ xmlns:android=""
<merges target="window" />

<!-- Required for browserify: we always link module below as there is conditional reference
to this module from requestFileSystem and resolveLocalFileSystemURI modules. -->
<js-module src="www/browser/isChrome.js" name="isChrome">
<runs />

The Android Persistent storage location now defaults to "Internal". Please check this plugins README to see if you application needs any changes in its config.xml.

@@ -396,10 +402,6 @@ to config.xml in order for the application to find previously stored files.

<platform name="browser">
<js-module src="www/browser/isChrome.js" name="isChrome">
<runs />

<!-- File for Chrome -->
<js-module src="www/browser/Preparing.js" name="Preparing">
<runs />

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