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chore(release): release notes for 3.1.0
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janpio committed Jun 28, 2019
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# Release Notes

### 3.1.0-dev (Unreleased)
* CB-7179 (iOS): Add support to optionally use WKWebView for iOS
### 3.1.0 (Jun 27, 2019)

- chore: fix repo and issue urls and license in package.json and plugin.xml ([`8edfb9e`](
- chore: unknown changes because of linebreak change in binary files ([`e44ad91`](
- build: add `.npmignore` to remove unneeded files from npm package ([`0ec4a11`](
- build: add `.gitattributes` to force LF (instead of possible CRLF on Windows) ([`2751255`](
- ci(travis): Update Travis CI configuration for new paramedic ([#478]( ([`c2bb6c1`](
- docs: remove outdated translations ([`cc5ee00`](
- fix(android): Fix beforeload for Android <= 7 ([#427]( ([`94fec84`](
- ci(travis) Fix failing CI tests ([#460]( ([`a162bd9`](
- test: Fix test spec.5 to close inappbrowser after loadstop event ([#440]( ([`5f1afbd`](, [`af44235`](
- fix(android): Prevent malformed callbackId from reaching app cordova view ([#436]( ([`6861084`](, [`c95dbcb`](
- feat: [CB-13969]( Allow close button and navigation buttons positions to be swapped ([#262]( ([`d01bd25`](, [`f861655`](, [`9c7c2f3`](, [`3c0a42e`](, [`5359f6c`](, [`df84dda`](, [`2bcec40`](, [`fc0c560`](, [`5ead1e6`](, [`c7931fa`](, [`e2adf1b`](, [`4adf4c7`](, [`cbe3a42`](, [`74ccef1`](, [`ec6af56`](, [`b06ad8e`](, [`313e0ae`](, [`05e37a1`](, [`0c6189e`](, [`d940b59`](, [`f3d7f72`](
- docs: Add headline to documentation ([#406]( ([`92243cd`](
- fix(ios): Fix iframes in iOS/WKWebView which were broken by [#418]( ([#425]( ([`388e3f6`](
- chore(github): Add or update GitHub pull request and issue template ([`ae329bc`](
- fix(ios): Handle non-default target attribute values (e.g. target=on links in WKWebView implementation on iOS ([#418]( ([`9f4b729`](
- fix(types): remove unused replace parameter ([#410]( ([`6db2f2d`](
- documentation: Example documentation - Fix callBack function name ([#383]( ([`a890e60`](, [`2500b08`](
- fix: Fix beforeload to work with POST requests ([#367]( ([`632a395`](
- feat: (iOS & Android) Add postMessage API support ([#362]( ([`c54d100`](
- fix(ios): Fixes loadAfterBeforeload on iOS. ([#350]( ([`0fd43ae`](
- fix(ios): Fix crashes when using WKWebView implementation on iOS 9. ([#337]( ([`3b82c16`](
- fix(ios): Fix iOS CDVWKInAppBrowser evaluateJavascript method randomly gets blocked on ios 12 ([#341]( ([`978b147`](
- docs: remove unwanted information in README table ([#308]( ([`3eadde6`](
- fix(ios): This lets the default window layering do it's thing. ([#336]( ([`c24bb46`](, [`27fe8ec`](
- feat(ios): [CB-7179]( (iOS): Add optional WKWebView support for iOS ([#271]( ([`10a0669`](, [`3927b8f`](, [`8248215`](, [`61014dd`](, [`c41f5b5`](, [`19c6dfe`](, [`7f5fa2a`](, [`5d2df21`](, [`86cc778`](, [`cbfa195`](, [`52e3534`](, [`8165232`](, [`e2210bd`](, [`dc7fa34`](, [`b48e02f`](, [`27e6c67`](
- docs: remove JIRA link ([`d9cafcd`](
- chore(types): [CB-12941]( update typings ([#267]( ([`a0c267f`](
- feat: [CB-14188]( add beforeload event, catching navigation before it happens ([#276]( ([`228703a`](, [`eafaeda`](
- ci(travis): reenable testing on all platforms ([`0ed0bf5`](
- ci(travis): also accept terms for android sdk `android-27` ([`f8ad528`](
- fix(android): [CB-10795]( Exclude current app from external intent list ([#154]( ([`a078337`](
- fix(ios): [CB-14234]( Don't call handleOpenURL for system URLs ([#278]( ([`cf58b04`](
- fix(ios): [CB-12875]( (iOS) Pushes the inappbrowser window to a higher ui level than the existing apps window. ([#284]( ([`dc5329d`](
- ci: Quick CI fixes ([#277]( ([`de86501`](, [`07d9a99`](, [`81f1437`](, [`a464ea6`](, [`e75fe14`](, [`eb245ec`](
- fix(ios): [CB-12922]( (ios): fix In-app browser does not cede control ([#272]( ([`dac06aa`](, [`9cc7f69`](
- fix(android): [CB-14061]( (android) comply with RFC 3986 for custom URL scheme handling ([#269]( ([`f57ede9`](, [`26cf6e4`](
- fix(android): [CB-14048]( (android) allowedSchemes check empty string fix ([#268]( ([`57eda78`](, [`33aff11`](

### 3.0.0 (Apr 12, 2018)
* [CB-13659]( **iOS** Add hidespinner option

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