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CB-9330 Adds notice about removed plugman commands. This closes #84
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Vladimir Kotikov authored and stevengill committed Jul 22, 2015
1 parent c03aba7 commit cbb673b3eaeec47e1c247ffccc0b865696e9833c
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@@ -52,22 +52,14 @@ Parameters:
Interacting with the registry

Add a user account
NOTICE: The Cordova Plugin registry became read-only, so the following commands are not actual anymore and were removed:

$ plugman adduser
$ plugman publish
$ plugman unpublish
$ plugman owner add/rm

Publish a plugin

$ plugman publish [<directory>]

- defaults to the current directory

Unpublish a plugin

$ plugman unpublish <name>@<version>
For managing plugins from NPM registry use corresponding NPM commands. For more info on NPM commands see `npm help <command>`

Search for a plugin
@@ -107,22 +99,6 @@ Example:

$ plugman owner ls org.apache.cordova.core.file

To add an owner to a plugin's in the repository, use:

$ plugman owner add <username> <pluginID>


$ plugman owner add joeuser org.apache.cordova.core.file

To remove an owner from the plugin in the registry, use:

$ plugman owner rm <username> <pluginID>


$ plugman owner rm joeuser org.apache.cordova.core.file

Create A Plugin

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