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release 1.3.0
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@@ -54,6 +54,23 @@ <h1 class="page-title">weinre - ChangeLog</h1>
* Copyright (c) 2011 IBM Corporation

<!-- ======================================================================= -->
<h2>2011/04/05 - version 1.3.0</h2>
<li> style editing now enabled in Elements panel
<li> localStorage and sessionStorage views enabled in Resources panel
<li> URLs to vendor repos updated for the weinre build
<li> check for bad versions of Prototype.js

<p>issues closed:
<li><a href="">issue 21</a> - add support for localStorage
<li><a href="">issue 35</a> - testing local files on IOS
<li><a href="">issue 36</a> - cannot be edited
<li><a href="">issue 44</a> - update vendor repos

<!-- ======================================================================= -->
<h2>2011/03/12 - version 1.2.0</h2>
@@ -1 +1 @@
weinre build 1.2.0build-2011-03-12--09-25-30 by Patrick Mueller
weinre build 1.3.0build-2011-04-05--13-31-00 by Patrick Mueller
@@ -146,33 +146,38 @@ <h1 class="page-title">weinre - Home</h1>
how to use it, visit the <a href="TestDrive.html">Test Drive</a>.

<!-- ======================================================== -->
<h2>Supported Platforms</h2>
<h2>Supported Libraries and Platforms</h2>

<p>Generally version numbers listed here are the earliest
versions of the relevant thing that have been tested.
Later versions of those things are also hopefully supported,
but let us know.

<h3>Libraries not supported</h3>

<li>versions of Prototype.js before version 1.7 are not supported,
as they do not support the <tt>JSON.stringify()</tt> API correctly. You
will get an <tt>alert()</tt> in the web page you are debugging if you
attempt to debug it with weinre and you are using an unsupported
version of Prototype.js.

<h3>Debug client - the browser where the debugger user interface runs</h3>

<li>weinre Mac application - Mac OS X 10.6 64-bit
<li>Google Chrome 8.x beta
<li>Google Chrome 8.x
<li>Apple Safari 5.x
<li>others? please set us know

<h3>Debug target - the browser with the page you are debugging</h3>

<li>Android 2.3 Browser application
<li>Android 2.3 w/PhoneGap 0.9.2
<li>Android 2.2 Browser application
<li>Android 2.2 w/PhoneGap 0.9.2
<li>iOS 4.2.x Mobile Safari application
<li>BlackBerry v6.x simulator
<li>others? please set us know

<h3>Platforms that do not work</h3>

<li>others? please set us know

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