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Getting Started

There are 2 ways to go about creating a new Apache Cordova WP8 application.

### Run the batch file to create and install the templates.
## Create a new project

- The root of the repo contains a file createTemplates.bat. Double clicking this file will generate a .zip template file. ( where x.x.x is the current version number) To easily use these files in Visual Studio, copy them to
"My Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Templates\ProjectTemplates\" You will then be able to create new Apache Cordova Windows Phone apps from the Visual Studio File->New Project menu.
- If you run the batch file from the command line, you can also call with a parameter to install automatically

Run the script :

>createTemplates.bat -install
## Use the create scripts on the command line

Gettings Started from command line
Getting Started from the command line

>.\wp8\bin\create PathToNewProject [ PackageName ] [ AppName ]
>PathToNewProject : The path to where you wish to create the project
>PackageName : The namespace for the project (default is Cordova.Example)
>AppName : The name of the application (default is CordovaWP8AppProj or CordovaWP7AppProj)
>AppName : The name of the application (default is CordovaWP8AppProj)
>.\wp8\bin\create C:\Users\anonymous\Desktop\MyWP8Proj io.cordova.example CordovaWP8App
Launch Visual Studio and open Solution file (.sln) in (C:\Users\anonymous\Desktop\MyWP7Project)

Built and Run it


When you add or remove files/folders in the www folder you will need to do the following :
From here you can open it in Visual Studio:
- Launch Visual Studio and open Solution file (.sln) in (C:\Users\anonymous\Desktop\MyWP8Proj)
- Built and Run it

- ensure the new item is included in the project ( Content ) This includes ALL images/css/html/js/* and anything that you want available at runtime.
Or, you can continue with the command line:
- >cd C:\Users\anonymous\Desktop\MyWP8Proj


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