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Cordova is a static library that enables developers to include the Cordova API in their WP8 application projects easily, and also create new Cordova-based WP8 application projects through the command-line.

### 3.6.0 (September 2, 2015) ###

* updated package.json
* Update 3.6.x branch
* update package to 3.6.0-dev
* update to latest 3.6.x cordova.js file
* Fix template def missing files
* Remove unwanted slashes and handle Exceptions
* Add appveyor badge
* ignore node_modules
* CB-7368 --archs="x86" now produces correct binaries.
* CB-7341 Port tooling/platform scripts from WSH to NodeJS
* yml must be ansi encoded, okay, force push this then
* Lemme try addin the yml
* adding testing to the workflow
* ignore node_modules
* [CB-6763] Fixes issue when multiple simultaneous requests are sent.
* This closes #13, This closes #25, This closes #31
* CB-4655 WP8: Default native project template should be overridable at project creation time
* CB-7305 remove trailing slash from dest
* cleanup file, remove commented out stuff after testing it
* Update instructions minus createTemplates stuff
* Fix intermittent issue with invalid app manifest because of xml commented apache header.
* create needs to copy+rename the defaults.xml file for projects created outside the cordova-cli
* Removing outdated/unused tooling scripts
* move createTemplates scripts ( they will live undoc'd for awhile
* Move common items to their rightful home
* CB-7028 fixed memory leak in wp with plugins
* Use wildcard for contents of www/ folder
* small fix for spaces in path
* createTemplates script copies defaults.xml->config.xml
* CB-5049 Create defaults.xml that contains platform config.xml defaults for WP8
* CB-6788 WP8 - Fix header licenses (Apache RAT report)
* CB-7060 WP8. Fix large project build performance issue
* Adds support for chip architectures to run command
* CB-6924 Fixed memory leak in WP page navigation
* CB-6939 Replace dash chars in package name and validate it.
* Fixes handling of UTF-8 encoded project files.
* Added list of supported architectures in help text
* Adds support for target architectures to build command
* Escapes paths in target() function
* add license header to all bat files, and echo off so we don't see the goto output
* add license header
* add license header
* CB-6788 add license header to template file
* CB-6788 Add license headers to cs files
* CB-6788 Add license header to sln files
* CB-6788 add headers to bat files
* CB-6788 add header to .md files
* CB-6788 Add license to
* CB-6775 added support for autoload, splashscreen uses this
* CB-5653 make visible cordova version. This closes #35
* wp8.1 and the IE11 WebBrowser control do not support execScript, moving to 'eval'
* CB-6732 [WP8] Fix "MSBuild 64 bit is not supported" build error
* CB-6341 Remove windows requirement to have MSBuild in the %PATH%
* CB-6676 allow extra params to build/run and ignore them
* CB-6685 [3.5.0rc][WP8] Build error: Command failed with exit code 2
* update master branch with next dev version number
* Adds'-wait' flag to CordovaDeploy. Removes unnecessary Program class.
* Remove WP7 from readme, and tooling
* [WP7] Goodbye, it has been fun. ;)
* Update releasenotes, and state that WP7 support is about to disappear
* Apply app-hello-world update

### 3.5.0 (201405XX) ###

* Apply app-hello-world update
@@ -86,4 +151,4 @@ Cordova is a static library that enables developers to include the Cordova API i
* Update 3.3.0 JS + VERSION
* CB-5544 update versions, js for 3.3.0-rc1
* CB-5360 fix compiler whinings
* CB-5360 fix compiler warnings
* CB-5360 fix compiler warnings

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