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# The tweets/ folder

To create a new tweet create a new `*.tweet` file in this `tweets/` folder.

<kbd>[Create new tweet](../../../new/master/?filename=tweets/<your-path>.tweet)</kbd>

## Example

Create a new file `tweets/hello-world.tweet` with the content

> Hello, world!
You can use subfolders, e.g. `tweets/2019-02/hello-world.tweet`, as long as the file is in the `tweets/` folder and has the `.tweet` file extension

## Create a tweet with a twitter poll

**Note**: The configured twitter account needs to be authorized to use Twitters Ads API in order to send tweets including a poll.

A tweet including a poll must end with 2-4 options in the following format

> Here is some text
> ( ) option A
> ( ) option B
> ( ) option C
> ( ) option D
## Notes

- Only newly created files are handled, deletions, updates or renames are ignored.
- `*.tweet` files will not be created for tweets you send out directly from
- If you need to rename an existing tweet file, please do so locally using [`git mv old_filename new_filename`](, otherwise it may occur as deleted and added which would trigger a new tweet.

## Questions?

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please create an issue at

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