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Whatsnew notes for release 3.2.1
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.. _release/3.2.1:

Version 3.2.1

Features and Enhancements

* :ghissue:`3746`: ``couch_icu_driver`` collation driver has been
removed. ICU collation functionality is consolidated in the single
``couch_ejson_compare`` module. View performance might slighty
increase as there are less corner cases when the C collation driver
fails and falls back to Erlang.

* :ghissue:`3787`: Update sequences generated from DB info and
``_changes?since=now&limit=0`` now contain shard uuids as part of
their internal, opaque, representation. As a result, there should be
less chance of experiencing changes feed rewinds with these

* :ghissue:`3798`: ICU driver and collator algorithm versions are
returned in the ``_node/$node/_versions`` result.

* :ghissue:`3801`: Users with the ``_metrics`` role can now read
``_prometheus`` metrics.


* :ghissue:`3780`: Avoid changes feed rewinds after shard moves.

* :ghissue:`3779`, :ghissue:`3785`: Prevent deleted view file cleanup
from crashing when database is deleted while the cleanup process is

* :ghissue:`3789`: Fix ``badarith`` 500 errors when ``[fabric]
request_timeout`` is set to ``infinity``.

* :ghissue:`3786`: Fix off-by-one ``limit`` error for
``_all_dbs``. Also, the auto-injected shard ``_dbs`` design doc is
removed and replaced with an Erlang module.

* :ghissue:`3788`: Minimize changes feeds rewinds when a node is down.

* :ghissue:`3807`: Enable ``custodian`` application
reporting. Previously, ``custodian`` was accidentally left disabled
as it used a hard-coded shards db name different than ``_dbs``.

* :ghissue:`3805`: Cluster setup correctly syncs admin passwords and
uses the new (since 3.2.0) ``[chttpd_auth]`` config section instead
of the previous ``[couch_httpd_auth]`` section.

* :ghissue:`3810`: Local development ``dev/run`` script now uses the
``[chttpd_auth]`` section in ``local.ini`` instead of

* :ghissue:`3773`: Fix reduce view collation results for unicode
equivalent keys.

.. _release/3.2.0:

Version 3.2.0

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