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Notes _find performance difference between custom indexes and _all_docs
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DougReeder authored and nickva committed Jun 10, 2022
1 parent dcdf3b8 commit 2a0e639c93f5fef14868fb0a42683c9d00fe9099
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:synopsis: Find documents within a given database

Find documents using a declarative JSON querying syntax.
Queries can use the built-in :ref:`_all_docs <api/db/all_docs>` index or
custom indexes, specified using the :ref:`_index <api/db/find/index>`
Queries will use custom indexes, specified using the :ref:`_index <api/db/find/index>`
endpoint, if available.
Otherwise, they use the built-in :ref:`_all_docs <api/db/all_docs>` index, which
can be arbitrarily slow.

:param db: Database name

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