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Add [chttpd] buffer_response option (#645)
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wohali committed Mar 30, 2021
1 parent f0056ad commit 5ec190a4b40c69779a6fcf0fca0a47fc93646822
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@@ -93,6 +93,20 @@ HTTP Server Options
- ``{chttpd_auth, default_authentication_handler}``: used for Basic auth;
- ``{couch_httpd_auth, null_authentication_handler}``: disables auth, breaks CouchDB.

.. config:option:: buffer_response :: Buffered response
.. versionchanged:: 3.1.1

Set this to ``true`` to delay the start of a response until the end has
been calculated. This increases memory usage, but simplifies client error
handling as it eliminates the possibility that a response may be deliberately
terminated midway through, due to a timeout. This config value may be changed
at runtime, without impacting any in-flight responses.

Even if this is set to ``false`` (the default), buffered responses can be
enabled on a per-request basis for any delayed JSON response call by adding
``?buffer_response=true`` to the request's parameters.

.. config:section:: httpd :: HTTP Server Options
.. config:option:: allow_jsonp :: Enables JSONP support

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