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Add 3.0.1 release notes (#526)
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wohali committed Apr 27, 2020
1 parent e35ebaf commit 77f5b61fc6a5aa06766a5342eb035106638ea526
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@@ -156,6 +156,65 @@ The following features are deprecated in CouchDB 3.0 and will be removed in Couc

* Rewrite functions (``/{db}/{ddoc}/_rewrite``)

.. _release/3.0.1:

Version 3.0.1

Features and Enhancements

* Fauxton was updated to version `v1.2.3`.


* :ghissue:`2441`: A memory leak when encoding large binary content was patched.
This should resolve a long-standing gradual memory increase bug in CouchDB.

* :ghissue:`2613`: Simultaneous attempts to create the same new database should
no longer result in a :code 500: error.

* :ghissue:`2678`: Defaults for the ``smoosh`` compaction daemon are now consistent
with the shipped ``default.ini`` file.

* :ghissue:`2680`: The Windows CouchDB startup batch file will no longer fail to
start CouchDB if incompatible versions of OpenSSL are on the ``PATH``.

* :ghissue:`2741`: A small performance improvement in the ``couch_server`` process
was made.

* :ghissue:`2745`: The ``require_valid_user`` exception logic was corrected.

* :ghissue:`2643`: The ``users_db_security_editable`` setting is now in the correct
section of the ``default.ini`` file.

* :ghissue:`2654`: Filtered changes feeds that need to rewind partially should no
longer rewind all the way to the beginning of the feed.

* :ghissue:`2655`: When deleting a session cookie, CouchDB should now respect the
operator-specified cookie domain, if set.

* :ghissue:`2690`: Nodes that re-enter a cluster after a database was created (while
the node was offline or in maintenance mode) should more correctly handle
creating local replicas of that database.

* :ghissue:`2805`: Mango operators more correctly handle being passed empty arrays.

* :ghissue:`2716`, :ghissue:`2738`: The ``remsh`` utility will now try and guess the
node name and Erlang cookie of the local installation. It will also respect the
``COUCHDB_ARGS_FILE`` environment variable.

* :ghissue:`2797`: The cluster setup workflow now uses the correct logging module.

* :ghissue:`2818`: Mango now uses a safer method of bookmark creation that prevents
unexpectedly creating new Erlang atoms.

* :ghissue:`2756`: SpiderMonkey 60+ will no longer corrupt UTF-8 strings when
various JS functions are applied to them.

* Multiple test case improvements, including more ports of JS tests to Elixir.

.. _release/3.0.0:

Version 3.0.0
@@ -357,7 +416,7 @@ Bugfixes
to match other case clauses.

* :ghissue:`1897`: The ``/{db}/_bulk_docs`` endpoint now correctly catches invalid
(*i.e.*, non-hexadecimal) ``_rev_`` values and responds with a 400 error.
(*i.e.*, non-hexadecimal) ``_rev_`` values and responds with a :code 400: error.

* :ghissue:`2321`: CouchDB no longer requires Basic auth credentials to reach the
``/_session`` endpoint for login, even when ``require_valid_user`` is enabled.
@@ -373,8 +432,8 @@ Bugfixes
* :ghissue:`2153`: CouchDB no longer may return a ``badmatch`` error when querying
``all_docs`` with a passed ``keys`` array.

* :ghissue:`2137`: If search is not available, return a ``400`` instead of ``500``
status code.
* :ghissue:`2137`: If search is not available, return a :code 400: instead of a
:code 500: status code.

* :ghissue:`2077`: Any failed ``fsync(2)`` calls are now correctly raised to avoid
data corruption arising from retry attempts.
@@ -478,7 +537,7 @@ The 3.0.0 release also includes the following minor improvements:
* :ghissue:`2337`: The md5 shim (introduced to support FIPS-compliance) is now
used consistently throughout the code base.

* :ghissue:`2270`: Negative and non-integer ``heartbeat`` values now return 400
* :ghissue:`2270`: Negative and non-integer ``heartbeat`` values now return :code 400:
Bad Request.

* :ghissue:`2268`: When rescheduling jobs, CouchDB now stops sufficient running jobs

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