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Add note to clarify compaction window process
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ayhamthemayhem authored and nickva committed Jun 25, 2022
1 parent 2a0e639 commit 7d1565c641fc2f5d7d553020afa31d9efaa6f960
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@@ -141,6 +141,24 @@ active compactions in this channel when exiting the window, and resume them when
re-entering. If ``strict_window`` is left at its default of false, the active
compactions will be allowed to complete but no new compactions will be started.

.. note::
When a channel is created, a 60s timer is started to check if the channel
should be processing any compactions based on the time window defined in your config.

The channel is set to pending and after 60s it checks if it should be running
at all and is set to paused if not.
At the end of the check another 60s timer is started to schedule another check.

Eventually, when in the time window, it starts processing compactions.
But since it will continue running a check every 60s running compaction
processes will be suspended when exiting the time window and resume them when
re-entering the window.

This means that for the first 60s after exiting the time window,
or when a channel is created and you are outside the time window,
compactions are run for up to 60s.This is different to the behavior of the
old compaction daemon which would cancel the compactions outright.

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