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Merge pull request #20 from BigBlueHat/explain-provides
Clarify provides() usage in _list function
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wohali committed Mar 20, 2017
2 parents 91d4405 + 6ea480d commit 98068a84f45a3270ed673d48d6ce4d604d98b165
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@@ -369,8 +369,11 @@ HTML page:
Templates and styles could obviously be used to present data in a nicer fashion,
but this is an excellent starting point. Note that you may also use
:func:`registerType` and :func:`provides` functions in the same way as for
:func:`registerType` and :func:`provides` functions in a similar way as for
:ref:`showfun`! However, note that :func:`provides` expects the return value to
be a string when used inside a list function, so you'll need to use
:func:`start` to set any custom headers and stringify your JSON before
returning it.

.. seealso::
CouchDB Wiki:

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