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Fix broken links, defunct Travis CI project, and contributing guide b…
…ranch names (#668)

* Fix broken couch_replicator link

* Fix broken README.Debian link

* Use main branch in contributing guide

* Remove README build state badge pointing to unused Travis CI project
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415mcc committed Jul 5, 2021
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
# CouchDB Documentation [![Build Status](](
# CouchDB Documentation

This repository contains the Sphinx source for Apache CouchDB's documentation.
You can view the latest rendered build of this content at:
@@ -141,12 +141,12 @@ leave this for later. For now we'll contribute our change back to CouchDB.
First, we commit our changes::

$ > git commit -am 'document number encoding'
[master a84b2cf] document number encoding
[main a84b2cf] document number encoding
1 file changed, 199 insertions(+)

Then we push the commit to our CouchDB fork::

$ git push origin master
$ git push origin main

Next, we go back to our GitHub page and click the "Pull Request"
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ node, prompt for the address to which it will bind, and a password for the admin
Responses to these prompts may be pre-seeded using standard ``debconf`` tools. Further
details are in the `README.Debian`_ file.

.. _README.Debian:
.. _README.Debian:

For distributions lacking a compatible SpiderMonkey library, Apache CouchDB
also provides packages for the 1.8.5 version.
@@ -1894,5 +1894,5 @@ Reference
.. _MVCC:
.. _CouchDB:
.. _Erlang:
.. _couch_replicator:
.. _couch_replicator:
.. _change notifications:

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