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Document Windows installer improvements (#497)
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@@ -23,6 +23,10 @@ Installation from binaries

This is the simplest way to go.

.. warning::
Windows 10 requires the .NET Framwork v3.5 to be installed. You can install
this via the `Control Panel`_.

#. Get `the latest Windows binaries`_ from the `CouchDB web site`_.
Old releases are available at `archive`_.

@@ -57,6 +61,41 @@ This is the simplest way to go.
.. _CouchDB web site:
.. _archive:
.. _the latest Windows binaries:
.. _Control Panel:

.. _install/windows/silent:

Silent Install

The Windows installer supports silent installs. Here are some sample commands, supporting
the new features of the 3.0 installer.

Install CouchDB without a service, but with an admin user:password of ``admin:hunter2``:

.. code-block:: batch
msiexec /i apache-couchdb-3.0.0.msi /quiet ADMINUSER=admin ADMINPASSWORD=hunter2 /norestart
The same as above, but also install and launch CouchDB as a service:

.. code-block:: batch
msiexec /i apache-couchdb-3.0.0.msi /quiet INSTALLSERVICE=1 ADMINUSER=admin ADMINPASSWORD=hunter2 /norestart
Unattended uninstall of CouchDB:

.. code-block:: batch
msiexec /x apache-couchdb-3.0.0.msi /quiet /norestart
Unattended uninstall if the installer file is unavailable:

.. code-block:: batch
msiexec /x {4CD776E0-FADF-4831-AF56-E80E39F34CFC} /quiet /norestart
Add ``/l* log.txt`` to any of the above to generate a useful logfile for debugging.

Installation from sources
@@ -217,6 +217,17 @@ Features and Enhancements
2.x. As OSes update to include binaries for SM 60, the convenience binaries will be
updated accordingly.

* The Windows installer has many improvements, including:

* Prompts for an admin user/password as CouchDB 3.0 requires
* Will not overwrite existing credentials if in place
* No longer remove user-modified config files, closing :ghissue:`1989`
* Also will not overwrite them on install.
* Checkbox to disable installation of the Windows service
* :ref:`Silent install support <install/windows/silent>`.
* Friendly link to these online release notes in the exit dialog
* Higher resolution icon for HiDPI (500x500)

* :ghissue:`2037`: Dreyfus, the CouchDB side of the Lucene-powered search solution, is now
shipped with CouchDB. When one or more Clouseau Java nodes are joined to the cluster,
text-based indexes can be enabled in CouchDB. It is recommended to have as many Clouseau

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