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A FoundationDB client in Erlang
An Erlang Binding to FoundationDB

This project is a NIF wrapper for the FoundationDB C API. Documentation on
the main API can be found [here][fdb_docs].

This project also provides a conforming implementation of the [Tuple] and
[Directory] layers.



Assuming you have installed the FoundationDB C API library, building erlfdb
is as simple as:

$ make

Alternatively, adding erlfdb as a rebar dependency should Just Work ®.

Documentation for installing FoundationDB can be found [here for macOS]
or [here for Linux].

[here for macOS]:
[here for Linux]:

Quick Example

A simple example showing how to open a database and read and write keys:

Eshell V9.3.3.6 (abort with ^G)
1> Db = erlfdb:open(<<"/usr/local/etc/foundationdb/fdb.cluster">>).
2> ok = erlfdb:set(Db, <<"foo">>, <<"bar">>).
3> erlfdb:get(Db, <<"foo">>).
4> erlfdb:get(Db, <<"bar">>).

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