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Include conflicts parameter in doc_options
When a keys array is passed to _all_docs, fabric translates this
to individual open_doc calls. The conflicts=true query parameter is
specified as a view-level option and is not, by default, parsed as
an option that should be passed to open_doc.

As a workaround, explicitly copy the view-level conflict parameter into
the document options before open_doc is called.

An alternative approach would be to address this when the query
parameters are parsed, setting conflicts=true in both #mrargs and
detail of fabric, I elected to make the change here instead.

Fixes #COUCHDB-3264
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willholley committed Jan 3, 2017
1 parent 863b8d9 commit 8dcc3fb175807ac18a3d7c1fc95364910ee8969e
Showing 1 changed file with 7 additions and 2 deletions.
@@ -54,14 +54,19 @@ go(DbName, Options, QueryArgs, Callback, Acc0) ->
direction = Dir,
include_docs = IncludeDocs,
doc_options = Doc_Options,
doc_options = DocOptions0,
limit = Limit,
conflicts = Conflicts,
skip = Skip,
keys = Keys0
} = QueryArgs,
{_, Ref0} = spawn_monitor(fun() -> exit(fabric:get_doc_count(DbName)) end),
DocOptions1 = case Conflicts of
true -> [conflicts|DocOptions0];
_ -> DocOptions0
SpawnFun = fun(Key) ->
spawn_monitor(?MODULE, open_doc, [DbName, Options ++ Doc_Options, Key, IncludeDocs])
spawn_monitor(?MODULE, open_doc, [DbName, Options ++ DocOptions1, Key, IncludeDocs])
MaxJobs = all_docs_concurrency(),
Keys1 = case Dir of

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