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add notes for future static build of OpenSSL + Erlang/OTP
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dch committed Sep 3, 2011
1 parent 563b237 commit 8feb129794cbca91129502b6ec7e6e9ba5e1578a
Showing 1 changed file with 6 additions and 5 deletions.
@@ -12,23 +12,24 @@ del /f/q "%TEMP%\openssl*.tar"
:: get the version of OpenSSL into the environment
for %%i in ("%TEMP%\openssl-*.tar") do set openssl_ver=%%~ni
setx openssl_ver %openssl_ver%
set SSL_PATH=%relax%\openssl
setx SSL_PATH %ssl_path%

if exist "%RELAX%\openssl" rd /s/q %RELAX%\openssl
if exist "%ssl_path%" rd /s/q %ssl_path%
if defined openssl_ver rd /s/q %relax%\%openssl_ver%
7z x "%TEMP%\openssl-*.tar" -o%relax%\ -y

pushd %relax%\%openssl_ver%
perl Configure VC-WIN32 --prefix=%RELAX%\openssl
perl Configure VC-WIN32 --prefix=%ssl_path%
call ms\do_nasm
nmake -f ms\ntdll.mak
nmake -f ms\ntdll.mak test
nmake -f ms\ntdll.mak install

:: from Erlang/OTP R14B03 onwards, OpenSSL is compiled in statically
:: this requires adding enable-static-engine and using target nt.mak
:: here are the older dynamic lib options commented out

:: this may need adding enable-static-engine and using target nt.mak
:: but currently there seems to be an upstream bug to catch first...
::perl Configure VC-WIN32 --prefix=%RELAX%\openssl enable-static-engine
::call ms\do_nasm
::nmake -f ms\nt.mak

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