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@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ At this point, you should have the following installed:
* Python 3
* Python packages sphinx, sphinx_rtd_theme, pygments, nose2 and hypothesis
* Make
* GNU make
* NuGet
* VSSetup
* VSWhere
@@ -170,31 +170,6 @@ not available at a consistent compiler and VC runtime release.

There is a branch of glazier that has been used to build each CouchDB release.

## UNIX-friendly shell details

Our goal is to get the path set up in this order:

1. erlang and couchdb build helper scripts
2. Microsoft VC compiler, linker, etc from Windows SDK
3. cygwin path for other build tools like make, autoconf, libtool
4. the remaining windows system path

It seems this is a challenge for most environments, so `glazier` gets this all right for
you by running the MSVC environment, then tacking on the things Erlang expects at the end
of the path.

Overall, the desired order for your $PATH is:

- Erlang build helper scripts
- Visual C++ / .NET framework / SDK
- Ancillary Erlang and CouchDB packaging tools
- Usual cygwin unix tools such as make, gcc
- Ancillary glazier/relax tools for building dependent libraries
- Usual Windows folders `%windir%;%windir%\system32` etc
- Various settings form the `otp_build` script

More details are at [erlang on github](

## Windows silent installs

Here are some sample commands, supporting the new features of the 3.0 installer.

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