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Detail edge cases of validate/1
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eproxus committed Apr 7, 2017
1 parent f0904dc commit 10c50634b57d1f7ce5205e2fae56e700c4da3397
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@@ -349,6 +349,31 @@ passthrough(Args) when is_list(Args) ->
%% arguments or non-existing function (undef), wrong arguments
%% (function clause) or unexpected exceptions.
%% Validation can detect:
%% <ul>
%% <li>When a function was called with the wrong argument types
%% (`function_clause')</li>
%% <li>When an exception was thrown</li>
%% <li>When an exception was thrown and expected (via meck:exception/2),
%% which still results in `true' being returned</li>
%% </ul>
%% Validation cannot detect:
%% <ul>
%% <li>When you didn't call a function</li>
%% <li>When you called a function with the wrong number of arguments
%% (`undef')</li>
%% <li>When you called an undefined function (`undef')</li>
%% </ul>
%% The reason Meck cannot detect these cases is because of how it is implemented.
%% Meck replaces the module with a mock and a process that maintains the mock.
%% Everything Meck get goes through that mock module. Meck does not insert
%% itself at the caller level (i.e. in your module or in your test case), so it
%% cannot know that you failed to call a module.
%% Use the {@link history/1} or {@link history/2} function to analyze errors.
-spec validate(Mods) -> boolean() when
Mods :: Mod | [Mod],

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