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fix behavio(u)r attributes validation on Erlang R20
R20 now checks whether behavio(u)r attribute contains a
valid module name. The attributes content was simply take
from module_info/0. However, module_info/0 contains a list
of behavior and the attribute should only contain as single
module name.

Expand the list of behavio(u)rs into a list of attrbiutes
to make erl_lint happy.
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Andreas Schultz authored and eproxus committed Jun 22, 2017
1 parent ad8374c commit 7c5548e1a971790f9c8990cc4767df0619b7587b
Showing 1 changed file with 15 additions and 3 deletions.
@@ -59,11 +59,23 @@ get_current_call() ->
%%% Internal functions

attribute({Key, _Value}, Attrs)
when Key =:= vsn;
Key =:= deprecated;
Key =:= optional_callbacks ->
attribute({Key, Value}, Attrs)
when (Key =:= behaviour orelse Key =:= behavior)
andalso is_list(Value) ->
lists:foldl(fun(Behavior, Acc) -> [?attribute(Key, Behavior) | Acc] end,
Attrs, Value);
attribute({Key, Value}, Attrs) ->
[?attribute(Key, Value) | Attrs].

attributes(Mod) ->
[?attribute(Key, Val) || {Key, Val} <-
proplists:get_value(attributes, Mod:module_info(), []),
Key =/= vsn, Key =/= deprecated, Key =/= optional_callbacks]
lists:foldl(fun attribute/2, [],
proplists:get_value(attributes, Mod:module_info(), []))
error:undef -> []

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