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eproxus committed Jun 29, 2017
1 parent 5d8ff85 commit acd90c258ab0a0962f54a62c5ef25c7fa8143957
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# Install for Git with alias 'meck-publish':
# git config alias.meck-publish '!.scripts/'

set -e # Abort on first failure, so we don't mess something up

if [ -z "$1" ]; then
# Missing tag name
echo "usage: meck-publish <version>" >&2
exit 129
if [ ! -z "$(git status --short)" ]; then
# Sanity check
echo "fatal: dirty repository" >&2
exit 128


# Update version in .app file
sed -i "" -e "s/{vsn, .*}/{vsn, \"$VSN\"}/g" src/
sed -i "" -e "s/@version .*/@version $VSN/g" doc/overview.edoc
git add src/
git add doc/overview.edoc

# Commit, tag and push
git commit -m "Version $VSN"
git tag -s $1 -m "Version $VSN"

git push && git push --tags
rebar3 hex publish

git add
git commit -m "Update Changelog for version $VSN"

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