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Add a further caveat to using meck with ct
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### Common Test

When using `meck` under Erlang/OTP's Common Test, one should pay special
attention to this bit in the chapter on
[Writing Tests](

> `init_per_suite` and `end_per_suite` execute on dedicated Erlang processes,
> just like the test cases do.
Common Test runs `init_per_suite` in an isolated process which terminates when
done, before the test case runs. A mock that is created there will also
terminate and unload itself before the test case runs. This is because it is
linked to the process creating it. This can be especially tricky to detect if
`passthrough` is used when creating the mock, since it is hard to know if it is
the mock responding to function calls or the original module.

To avoid this, you can pass the `no_link` flag to `meck:new/2` which will unlink
the mock from the process that created it. When using `no_link` you should make
sure that `meck:unload/1` is called properly (for all test outcomes, or
crashes) so that a left-over mock does not interfere with subsequent test

## Contribute

Patches are greatly appreciated! For a much nicer history, please [write good

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